The Team

  • Ivan Wainer

    Mr Wainer has been fitting contact lenses for over 40 years. He was involved in many of the early lens trials in London and went on to become a member of the BCLA (British Contact Lens Association) as well as the past president of the ISCLS (International Society of Contact Lens Specialists). Mr Wainer sits on the Board of the Ophthalmic Research Ethics Committee and is a member of the Spectacle Makers Livery. He has held a number of accolades including former Chairman of the Langbourne Ward Club, the City of London Roundtable and The City of London 41 Club.
  • Hayley Wainer

    Prior to joining Hawkes & Wainer, Hayley Wainer worked at Mayday Hospital in Croyden for a year. She is a member of the British Contact Lens Association and regularly attends meetings and lectures. Hayley is also a member of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists, an organisation who meets every 18 months all around the world to discuss recent developments in the field.

All the optometrists at Hawkes and Wainer have a special interest in contact lenses and are regularly involved in clinical trials for the leading manufacturers.