Eye Exams

At Hawkes & Wainer we feel that regular visits to an optometrist are extremely important.

A thorough eye examination can lead to the early detection of certain eye diseases, such as glaucoma, as well as indicating the presence of different medical conditions affecting other parts of the body, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Early detection of such conditions enables treatment to be given much more effectively.

If you are one of the rising numbers of people who uses a computer at work, a regular eye examination becomes even more important. Our eye examination is fully comprehensive and refreshingly different. During an eye examination, we will assess all aspects of your individual visual needs and carry out a detailed and through visual health check. This enables us to provide you, where necessary, with an extremely accurate prescription.

Using advanced technology, we take time and care to get to know you and your individual needs.

Annual Care Plan – 15% discount

This Is available from £16.00 per month

Our unique scheme provides a complete care program for your eyes and lenses covering essential aftercare visits and replacement lenses and spares at a considerably reduced cost.

The benefits to you include:

  • FREE annual contact lens examination to assess how your eyes are coping with contact lenses.
  • FREE annual eye examination to check the health of your eyes and to confirm your current prescription.
  • FREE emergency appointments.
  • FREE spare lenses for emergencies (disposable lens wearers) and spare lenses at reduced prices (gas permeable and non disposable lens wearers).
  • 10% discount on new spectacles and sunglasses.
  • Discount on three month packs of contact lens solution.
  • Further consultations where necessary.

Ask for full details at our practice.