How important are my contact lens aftercare appointments?
It is essential to monitor the health of your eyes and make sure that your eyes are still coping with contact lens wear. We can also keep you informed of the latest developments in contact lenses to ensure that you continue to have the best vision and comfort with your lenses.
Will my contact lenses be comfortable?
Yes - contact lens technology today has made it possible for most people to wear contact lenses safely and effectively. Most soft lenses are extremely comfortable even after wearing them only for a few minutes.
How will I put my contact lenses in and take them out?
Our experienced and highly trained Optical Assistants will teach you how to insert and remove your lenses. They will also show you how to care for your lenses.
I have astigmatism, can I wear contact lenses?
Most types of astigmatism can now be corrected with contact lenses. We will take measurements of the shape of your eyes and calculate which lens will be best for you. Even daily disposable contact lenses are available to correct some types of astigmatism.
I wear varifocals, can I wear contact lenses?
Yes - new contact lens technology has made it possible for us to provide multifocal contact lenses which enable you to see clearly at all distances.
What should I do if my contact lenses are uncomfortable?
"If in doubt take them out". Always remember the "3 G's" Yours eyes Must Look Good; Feel Good; See Good; If your eyes don't look and feel perfect you need to take your lenses out and come and see us.
If my contact lens prescription is out of date, can I still buy lenses online?
We require a current contact lens specification. We will be happy to contact your optometrist to confirm this. Alternatively we will be happy to see you at Hawkes & Wainer for a contact lens examination.